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Party of the Republic
Партия Республики
Партія Республіки


Leader and Prime-Minister: Mihalo Olehčuk

Chairperson: Sasha Aleksandrov

Leader in the Senate: Richard McLauglin

Leader in the Parliament: Boris Kravchenko

 Founded: 23 april 2006; 17 years ago, Ellester, Cascadia

Headquarters: 100.000 Main Steet inside parliament

Youth wing: Party of the Young Republic (PYR)

Members: 20,127

Ideology: Liberalism

Social Liberalism


Political position: Centre

Regional affilation: Liberal Union

International affilation: Liberal International











Seats in the Parliament: 28

Seats in the Senate: 15


The Party of the Republic (Russian: Партия Республики, Ukranian: Партія Республіки) abbreviated as PR, is a liberal-centrist party and liberal-democratic party in Ellester. 

The party was founded in 2006 after the founders Michael Bondarenko and Ivan Melnikov left the Liberal Party. The only prime-minister of the party ever and still today is Mihalo Olehčuk. Since 2023 elections and independence the party has been the biggest every since. The leader of the party is Gregory Fedorova. The party started as a local party in Ellester that strived for El'novkan independence. The party had 5 seats after the elections in the provincial parliament in 2006 of Ellester in Cascadia.



The PR was founded in 2006 after the founders Michael Bondarenko and Ivan Melnikov left the Liberal Party after a conflict about the Ellester Province if it should be independent. Ivan and Michael wanted to see El'novkan culture being recognized and that the Cascadian province is independent. After a discussion within the party, all of the Liberal Party members didn't want Ellester to be independent. They made their own local group/party called the Party of the Republic. It was called Group Bondarenko-Melnikov for some days when there wasn't a name yet. Their party was mostly for independence, liberal freedom and the recognition of the El'novkan culture. They always have been central-liberals because they did not fully agree with conservatism and progressivim. their party gained alot of attention even in Cascadia. After 5 months elections went by and they gained 5 seats of the 50 seats (10%) in the provincial parliament. The members in the provincial parliament were Michael Bondarenko as party leader, Ivan Melnikov, Amelia Jones, Nikita Maskimov and Bohdan Ostapchuk.