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Voice of The Republic


The Voice of The Republic is a political party mainly representing libertarian interests within the United Republic. It advocates for the beliefs of maximum personal and digital freedoms and a laissez-faire economy, also pushing for fiscally conservative policies such as reduced taxes, and pro-business tendencies. The party, despite being extremely social-liberal, is staunchly pro-death penalty, despite its advocacy for lenience on petty crimes and lower-grade misdemeanors.

Voice of The Republic


Leader: CheesyJeb

Running Mate: Mrbillybobby

Founded: 2nd of June, 2024

Predecessors: Party of the Republic, Gamers' Coalition

Founded: 2nd of June, 2024

Headquarters: Ellester, ES

Ideologies: Classical liberal, libertarian, social liberal, fiscal conservatism

Political Alignment: Centre to centre-right

Slogan: "You should be free, and so should your wallet"

Colour: azure-yellow-white

The party leader is CheesyJeb, who previously lead the Second, Third, and Fourth Republics of Ellester (16 April, 2023 to February 2024)

What are the branches?

The Voice of Ellester has a few branches in Ellington and Havania, each named "Voice of Ellington" and "Voice of Havania". Despite having "Voice of Ellester" as its name, it speaks for the whole of the UR when it shares its beliefs


The Voice of the Republic was originally founded as the Voice of Ellester, but the name was changed on June 9, 2024 to reflect a more national focus.