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Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls was a town on the 1st Survival map.


The town was initially founded by ItalianChild in early 2011, in the valley just over the hill from Sandy Point. When it was realised Ouhai_Ruby already had his house in the valley, both players agreed to be co-founders. The name was chosen due the picturesque nature of the valley, and the many waterfalls which flowed into the lake.

The town grew quickly, and for a time was the most populated town on the map.

The WorldEdit Mistake

The town had it's first major event in March 2011 when NekTM accidentally deleted a large portion of the town with WorldEdit while attempting to perform a rollback. The damage was mostly fixed, although some items in chests were lost.


As players moved away from Paradise Falls to other towns and projects, the town was left almost abandoned. Filipingus was the owner of a nearby town, Forsyth. Paradise Falls, along with nearby Salmon Street, was annexed by Forsyth, and mostly rebuilt.

Attempted Revival

Several attempts were made to revive Paradise Falls after the annexation. The most notable of these was carried out by ItalianChild and Hard24get in May 2011 after Fili abandoned Forsyth. Much of the town was restored by _specialk using WorldEdit, but the revival didn't go according to plan. The lake, which had previously been the centrepiece of the town, was covered in grass. Plans were laid out to fully rebuild the town in a more structured fashion than the original, but these never came to fruition.


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