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City of Cape Moss


City of Cape Moss

Capital City



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Municipal Flag of the City of Cape Moss

Lord Mayor: _Travis

Established: 2020

Country: flag.png Cape Moss

The City of Cape Moss, or Cape Moss is an ongoing project led by Lord Mayor _Travis. It is a modern city in the style of the United Kingdom and draws on inspiration from various locations in the country. It comprises the entirety of the nation of Cape Moss. The project was started in 2020, and work continued until 2021. The project was resurrected at the end of 2023 by _Travis and is his main project.

The Cape Moss City Council is the municipal authority, with a directly elected Lord Mayor, and a City Assembly. The city is split into a number of administrative boroughs which elect a number of councillors to fill the City Assembly. Each borough is also led by a smaller, directly elected local board. Currently, the only extant borough is East Cape Moss which is home to the Town Hall and Lord Mayor's residence. There are future plans for boroughs which contain the national capitol and industrial areas.


Cape Moss was founded in 2020 by _Travis. The first construction was the dock area and the Eastern shops. It was originally built so as to establish a Coralish outpost in the Northern Coral Sea, and to counter Cascadian influence in the region. However, Cape Moss became independent during the fall of Corallium in early 2021. The project was abandoned from 2021 to 2023 and became a part of the Third United Republic in 2023, when it was incorporated as part of the State of Corallium. 

In late 2023, _Travis decided to cut ties with the United Republic to focus on personal projects, and incorporated Cape Moss as its own nation. The city project was also resurrected, with some builds being moved into the city from other projects. New constructions are underway in the high street area.