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Ellester (Russian: Эллестер/Èllester) is a city formerly within Cascadia (As of 16 April, this is the capital of the re-established Republic of Ellester) This city is located in the Northern part of the 1.15 Creative Map, adjacent to New Durban, Kazanova and Lennox. The city is founded by CheesyJeb5892, who is the mayor alongside de-facto co-mayor Irish_Man_56. Ellester is the most northern Cascadian city.


There was already a settlement made by the indigenous tribe Gathawk. But because of a flooding around 1594, all the villagers were killed. Later it became more dryer and became land again. In September of 1669, Russian explorers on a ship from Saint-Petersburg called Tsar Alexei wanted to make a settlement around Sain Luis Sea for them to live. They found a little permanent settlement in the North. They started to build traditional Northern Russian houses and made a port called Port El'novka-on-Dostov. Later there came a lot of ships to Ellester. When the ship came from northern places, they always made a stop in Rotterdam and Dutch people then came to the ship. In southern places it stopped in Lisbon and the Portugese came to the ship. Only the British started to discover the Settlement in 1689 and fought and had war called the Anglo-El'novkian war. The Brits had victory for 6 days but then the Russians fought back and won. Some Brits started to live on the settlement. Then in 1694 the Brits introduced slavery and around 800 slaves from West-Africa arrived in Ellester. The slaves worked on a little British settlement called Dunglus. The Russians on the other hand made cities and got more material. But following the Skirmish of 1843, the Slavs rose victorious over the Brits and decided that slavery be abolished. Little is known about the history between 1843 and 1901, but it is inferred that Ellester, within the former Republic of Ellester (then Эльновка/Èlʹnovka) developed friendly relations with Cascadia, the Eire-Nua, and Durban. Eire-Nua established an embassy in the town of El'novka (now Ellester). In 1863 a ship from Veliky Novgorod came to El'novka. The people on the ship were noble Northern Russian families that wanted to make a settlement. And there settlement was called Yezhnovka. One of the families were Razumovsky.

While neutral in World War 1, World War II was on a different avenue. Ellester partially aided the allies, specifically the Soviet Union, which resulted in Ellester permitting Soviet soldiers on Ellester turf (miscellanous: the name "Ellester" came from US and UK airforce pilots harboured in El'novka). In 1950, the Soviet Union established a satelite state called "the People's Socialist Republic of Ellester" (Народная Социалистическая Республика Эллестер). The republic remained a Marxist-Leninist communist dictatorship until Alexej Kuzdrovskij, a premier of the P.S.R.E. formally declared the end of the communist regime and begin liberalization back to the direction of democracy, while remaining socialist. In the late '70s and early '80s, Cascadia broke into a civil war; its civilians blamed Ellester for the cause of the civil war and shortly after the end of the Civil War, Cascadia launched a military operation on the small republic, bringing the nation to its knees and absorbing it into Cascadia. Over the years, Englishmen from Cascadia multiplied in numbers to eventually have English replace Russian as the lingua franca of Ellester; the English population finally exceeded the Russian population around 1992. A motorway through the city was built in 1994, with heavy opposition from the Slavic population, as the highway had NO Russian signs and only English, their efforts proved futile and the highway was built.

Independence Movements (pre-independence)

As the Slavic population finally outnumbered the Anglo population for the first time since 1992 around April 2023, Independence calls have been growing, especially in the midst of a protest by communists, who vandalized Cascadian flags and rose the flags of the Soviet Union. The protestors were "dealt with" and the damage was repaired. On the evening of 12 April, 2023, the parliament approve an "exit Cascadia" bill on the condition of:

"The Municipal Area of Ellester cannot formally leave Cascadia until the 25th of May and is legally required to hold a referendum. In the event that independence is declared without a referendum, the parliamentary members who approve the decision under those illegal circumstances will be heavily reprimanded."

Ellester had 3 options: Stay in Cascadia and stay the same, neutral independence that should mean Ellester had its own government or Join Jatkosota Pact with Jatkosota and Sovisk (Ellester will be independent but with a communist/socialist government).

As of 16 April, 2023, the "No Instant Exit" policy was thrown out and a referendum was held in the PCB community over whenever Ellester should exit, exit as a Jatkosota-brokered communist regime, or remain in Cascadia for the time being. Exiting as a fully-independent republic was voted most, as Ellester exited retaining democratic ideals.

Independence Day

on 16 April, 2023, The referendum reached the conclusion that Ellester will declare independence without any outside parties.

The independence was formally finished on the same day, coinciding with a new tower replacing the Triangle Tower, called the "Polaris Trade Tower" which replaced its former placeholder.


the Downtown area is entirely east of Ellester National Highway 15 (also known as Highway 11).

(Map of Ellester; dated 19th of May, 2023. The airport now holds a massive PCBCG base, a new district east of the airport and west of the highway is under progress. It replaces the former unfinished Hancock Heights district. Northwest of the airport are possible suburbs and rajons (regions) zoned for future construction, which may lay along the Durban Highway. The peninsula that downtown Ellester lays on is named "the El'novsk Peninsula" or in Russian, "Ельновский полуостров (El'novskij poluostrov)"

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