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The Ladders

Ranks are broken down into two separate ladders:
🔨build skill and 💕community trust.

These two ladders are completely independent of each other and players can belong to one or both.

Why two ladders?

Project City Build is primarily a creative building community. Therefore, players who demonstrate building proficiency are rewarded with increasing access to more powerful (and inherently more dangerous) tools to support their building projects via builder ranks.

That being said, we're also a close-knit community, and not all players want to be constantly pushing the limit of their building abilities. We reward active and friendly members of our community with trust ranks that give access to all sorts of cosmetic effects, fun commands and more.

Builder Ranks

Moving up the Builder Rank ladder involves building something cool on the server and then submitting it for review. To remove bias and partiality, all submissions are reviewed by the Architect Council - a panel of some of the best builders in our community (don't worry! They won't bite)

How to apply for a builder rank

  1. Build something on our server
  2. Submit your application via the website
  3. Wait 1-2 days* for the result

* may take longer depending on various factors

How to apply for the next higher builder rank

Exact same steps as above. Each successive application grants you the next higher rank.