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List of Ranks

Project City Build has ranks belonging to several categories. Players can belong to up at most 1 rank in each category, simultaneously.

Trust Ranks

:white_large_square: Guest

Guest is the default rank for people who view our site, or join our Minecraft server. You will have basic commands such as /warp and /tpa and you will be able to build in survival.

:black_large_square: Member

Member is granted upon registering for a PCB account. It is the minimum rank required to build in Creative. It comes with a range of additional commands such as /home and allows you to post and participate on our forums.

:blue_heart: Trusted

Trusted is earned through time and commitment to the PCB community and it’s values. If a staff member believes you are trustworthy, they may nominate you for this rank. Trusted comes with a large array of additional commands, including access to armour stand tools (/ast) and the ability to build in Monarch.

:large_blue_diamond: Trusted+

Trusted+ is the highest obtainable non-staff rank. The Trusted+ rank is awarded to (non-staff) members of the community who are stand out examples within our community. Players with this rank are the most Trusted in our community by the staff team. This rank has all the perks of the Trusted and Donator ranks, with the added advantage of being allowed to apply for WorldEdit (W/E) and getting early access to new projects and map resets.

Builder Ranks

:page_with_curl: Intern

Intern is the entry level Builder rank. Players who do not meet the requirements to be promoted to Builder will receive this rank. Interns inherit the same permissions as Members.

:hammer: Builder

Builders are the premier rank for players to acquire World Edit. Players who submit a build of significant detail are permitted to enter the the Sandbox World. Here, Builders can make use of their World Edit Commands to build with a limit of 150,000 Blocks per Edit. Builders have World Edit permissions ONLY in the Sandbox world.

:hammer_and_pick: Planner

Planners are the natural progression from Builders, Players who have a great understanding of the fundamentals of building, aswell as a strong handling of World Edit commands are permitted the Planner rank. Planners have unlimited World Edit permissions in the sandbox, aswell as a 250,000 block limit in the Creative World.

:wrench: Engineer

A master level builder showing expetrise in all areas. From large scale builds to small intricate details, inspiring block palettes and an overflow of creativity, Engineers are at the forefront of the servers creatives. As such, Engineers are granted unlimited Worldedit Permissions in All worlds.

:hammer_and_wrench: Architect

Architects are the pinnacle of the servers creatives, showing artisanal knowledge in all areas of building, architects debate on wether or not to promote individuals within the Builders ranks. Architects have no additional permissions. Both Players and Staff can become Architects through merit alone.

Miscellaneous Ranks

:green_heart: Donator (Copper, Iron, and Diamond Tiers)

The Donator rank is granted to those currently have donor perks active. Donor perks are granted by purchasing a Donation Tier to support PCB. Players with this rank have access to in-game cosmetics, cosmetic commands such as /nick (coloured) and more.

Staff Ranks

:yellow_heart: Staff (Events Team, Marketing Team, Moderation Team, and Technical Team)

Our specialist staff teams (Events, Marketing, Moderation, and technical) help keep our community running. They are quick to deal with most situations and thwart grief. Staff have access to a range of additional commands, including /kick, /ban, /mute, /jail, logblock and more.

:heart: Administrator

Administrators perform other staff duties within the community, such as processing player reports and organising the server at a macro level. They have access to a variety of tools that allow them to maintain the internal operation of all PCB services, such as the Minecraft servers, the website and more.