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Pjaia (/Pʰaia/ Paia) is the largest city and capital of Ajudige. Pjaia is located in the Kingdom of Ajudige, one of the three historic kingdoms that form the greater Three Kingdoms of Ajudige. It plays an important role in regional affairs, cultural influence, and history. Since the city's capturing by Ajudigioux revolutionists in 1656, the city has been an epicenter of artistic, innovation, and cultural evolution. 


The Neolithic Period (7000-2200 B.C.E.)

Humans first arrived into what is now Ajudige via a land bridge that connected the island to the mainland in what is now Fort Kazanova. These first Ajudige share a common ancestor of the Wendat, Choctaw, Gathawk, and Durbanian First Peoples. Around 3000 B.C.E., Ajudige was permanantly disconnected from the mainland further isolating the ancient Ajudigioux. People first started settling in what is now Pjaia around the same time the land bridge eroded. Many scholars and historians believe these first peoples enjoyed the many natural hot springs in the hills and the fertile flat coastal plains for agriculture.