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Ellester national football team


Nickname(s)   The Blues and Yellow (Russian: Синий
                         uжелтый, Ukranian: Блюз і жовтий)
Association      El'novkan Football Association (EFA)
                          (Russian: Ельновканская
                          футбольная ассоциация,
                          Ukranian: Ельновканська
                          футбольна асоціація)

Confederation PCBFA

Head Coach     Maksim Demchenko

Captain            Yaroslav Zakharov

Most caps       Andrij Zhuravel (112)

Top scorer       Yaroslav Zakharov

             Shack Stadium  

FIFA code         ELS

            First colors                        Second colors

                          FIFA ranking

30 Increase 1 (20 June 2024)

        19 (5 May 2016)

Lowest               110 (December 1992)

The Ellester national football team (Russian: Сборная Ельновка по футболу, Ukrainian: збірна Елновка з футболу) represents the Third Republic of Ellester in men's international football matches since 1911. The men's national team is controlled by the El'novkan Football Association (EFA), the governing body for football in Ellester which is a part of the PCBFA, under the jurisdiction of the FIFA. Ellester, as a state of the United Republic, is not a member of the International Olympic Committee, and therefore the national team does not compete in the Olympic Games. Ellester's home ground is the Shack Stadium in Ellester and their head coach is Maksim Demchenko.

The team is mostly referred to as The Blues and Yellow or The Blue Eagles named after the eagle in their coat of arms. The team prefers to call itself El'novka instead of Ellester. The fan club is known as the Trident Army.

Ellester has competed in 5 FIFA World Cups, with their first appearance being in 1986 where they were eliminated by Italy. The country's best result TO BE CONTINUED...