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A collection of maps that are no longer in-use on our server

These maps are made available as a courtesy to players who have spent countless hours building and contributing to the community’s Minecraft maps. However, misuse of the maps may result in termination of this service.

Feel free to download and play these locally, however, upload and redistribution of our maps is strictly prohibited. All maps remain the property of Project City Build

Extra information (e.g. town coordinates) is available for some maps

Unfortunately the 1.9 Survival download is missing significant amounts of the world.

Download Link
Survival 1.17.14GBDownload1 Webma
Creative 1.1231GBDownload List
Survival 1.105GBDownload

Creative 1.116.6GBDownload 

Rancho 1.9.4497MBDownload1   2 Webmap
Survival   2 
Market 1.9.4120MBDownload1   2 
Big City (Old)134MBDownload1   2 
Creative 1.82.2GBDownload1   2List
Lobby3.1GBDownload 1   2 
Survival 240.4MBDownloa  1   2 
Creative 1.72.2GBDownload1   2 
Survival 1.71.7GBDownloa 1   2List