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World Expo

World Expo 2015

The PCB World Expo 2015 was the first Creative 1.7 event of its kind. In the event, players formed a team with fellow members and created a set of landmarks and notable moments that has greatly influenced their countries. The event took place in a dedicated area of the creative map. On the forums, a topic was posted on 1 March 2015 by the host of the event, Ducky, to introduce the winners of the World Expo.


1st Place: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom build a large red telephone box, filled with British objects.

  • Sir Ouhai_Ruby
  • Sir TheOctopus
  • Dame Penguina
  • Sir thejoshua79
  • Sir Petroliam
  • Hon. Sir Javi

On the West wall of the phone box, a large map of the United Kingdom was built. This map was stylised with the nation's flags. Player's heads were placed in their approximate locations. The bottom of the map showed some of Britain's notable overseas territories, such as the Falkland Islands, Bermuda and the British Indian Ocean Territory

BBC Shrine

One of Britain's greatest institutes is the British Broadcasting Corporation. Underneath the map is a large BBC logo, with a list of programmes the BBC have created. There is also a list of the BBC's many channels and radio stations

The Lion and the Unicorn

This mural shows the national animals of England and Scotland battling in a duel of claws and horns

The Guitar

This guitar built by Petroliam is a replica of Jimmy Page's Gibson Les Paul.

The White Cliffs of Dover

The white cliffs of Dover are some cliffs near Dover, which are white. On top of the cliffs Penguina and Petroliam engage in the UK's rural region's favourite sport, Sheep Copulation.

2nd Place: The Netherlands

The Netherlands built a traditional dutch town.

  • Yomigaere
  • jakoba99

World Expo 2018

The PCB World Expo 2018 was the second Creative 1.12 event of its kind, succeeding the PCB World Expo 2015[1]. It included eight participating countries (in order of the results): Australia[2], France[3], the United States[4], the United Kingdom[5], Italy[6], the Netherlands[7], Mexico[8], and Canada[9]. A leader or builder to each pavilion posted a topic on the forums to introduce the audience of the event to their countries. The host of the first World Expo, Ducky, returned alongside zwinky12 and Penguina to act as the judges for the event. On 12 August 2018, a topic on the forums was posted by zwinky12 to officially announce the event of which commenced three days later.[10] The building process concluded nearly a month later, on the midnight after 9 September. On the next day, zwinky12 introduced the winners of the World Expo via the forums.[11] The three winning countries included Australia in 1st, France in 2nd, and the United States in 3rd. All contributors to the event were then granted badges, with the top three teams receiving a gold, silver and bronze tag to represent their position.


A world map of all the countries and their representatives participating in the PCB World Expo of 2018. The states included are Australia, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada.


Team Australia consisted of Emfitty, Wairoa, Mannriah, Dantosky, Prince_Mark and Insane_Monkey.


Team France included one representative, Poctivy_Ani.

The United States

Team America was led by MrFerf and supported by officer A_Good_Shrimp, jmvvana, theminer220, JakeTFS, Lysithea_ciel, acaa, Robot_King, vexnorz and SaltedWolf.

The United Kingdom

Team UK included SwimGirl, Lysithea_ciel (Kyle) and dBdB.


Team Italy, also known as Squadra Italia, consisted of MattDB, Vir_Caeli, Omgnator, and EstevaoBuilder..

The Netherlands

Team Netherlands was represented by verajasper and JustACornCob.


Team Mexico was led by MilesNoKilometer and supported by _happybob.


Team Canada was headed by Whbilbo and supported by Masterboatman, MxMxTrX, NSXNation, and pierocks.