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Wars, claiming, and territorial disputes

If you find yourself in the middle of a dispute over land, please make yourself aware of the following rules that apply before taking any action.

Any activity that violates server rules is worthy of punishment. This is the number one thing to keep in mind, especially when dealing with wars. The big rule to keep in mind is Global Rule #1 “Do not harass other players.” Almost every war or dispute will boil down to this at some point.

  1. Wars and territorial disputes for the sake of history and lore are “acceptable”. This is only for wars and territorial disputes that do not physically occur. Saying something like “Nation X and Nation Y had a territorial dispute in Year Z” as part of your lore is fine, just as long as said territorial dispute didn’t or doesn’t actually occur.

    • Territorial disputes in themselves are neither acceptable nor punishable, but they will almost always steer punishable due to the tension and potential harassment attached. If you believe that your land is being compromised unfairly, please have a staff member see the situation over and assist in drawing a compromise between all parties involved before anyone resorts to rude words or actions.
  2. “Claiming” is not allowed, and is ever more not allowed when doing so with military builds. The only way in which you are able to claim land is by working actively on a project. Anything between an almost-complete city hall and New Vex City ensures a 200 block protected radius around the project unless you have been allowed by the owner of the project to build within that radius. A single flag, tank, or hangar does not have the privilege of this protection.

  3. Military builds are allowed as long as they are localized and built for “aesthetic” purposes. If you want to have a military base or a missile solo in your project that is all fine and dandy. As stated above, using these builds for external/claiming purposes is not allowed. Using these builds, even if localized, to provoke or compete with another party – a la Cold War – can be considered harassment and warrant punishment.

  4. Questions or issues regarding or relating to anything discussed in this topic should go through at least a few staff members.

  5. And lastly, some general guidelines for any situation – follow server rules. Use common sense. Don’t be an asshole. Make sure someone else knows what you’re doing.

If you require any clarification, please post in #support on Discord.