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Approved Client Mods

Minecraft has a tremendous number of mods and clients, and unfortunately the staff team cannot possibly review them all.

Unless stated below, as a general rule of thumb we do not allow any mod/client that:

  • provides unfair advantages to game mechanics - especially in Survival (eg. auto clickers, nukers, xray, etc)
  • negatively impacts the server (data, performance, etc)
  • negatively impacts other players (eg. hacked potions, chat spammers, etc)
  • copies or pastes builds

When in doubt, please ask a staff member in-game or in Discord.

Approved Mods

The PCB Staff team have evaluated the following mods and found them to be acceptable.

Some of the mods on this list require additional library mods to work. These are also allowed.




Quality of Life

Pending Review

The following mods are for the time being allowed, but are awaiting a review.

Chunk Loading Optimization Mods

Optimization Mods + Bugfixes

Quality of Life + Immersion Mods