Community Rules

These rules are subject to change without warning

If you are confused by any of the rules listed, please ask a staff member for clarification, or post in the #support Discord channel

Global Rules

Rules in this section are enforced across all PCB services.

  1. Harassment - Do not harass other players. This includes (but may not be limited to):

    • Discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, faith, race, sex, sexuality, socioeconomic status etc.
    • rude/crude language, , and general disrespect to staff, or any other user
  2. Chat & communication - Keep it PG-13 within reason

    • Do not spam, either in chat or in voice chat
    • Avoid overusing majuscules (caps)
    • No excessive swearing (We don’t usually punish users for swearing/cussing; however, excessive swearing is not allowed)
    • Do not use downright disgusting vocabulary
    • No NSFW content, e.g. pornography, drug use, firearms & munitions, sexual assault or murder etc.
  3. Impersonation - Impersonating other members is strictly prohibited

    • Alternate accounts (alts) must not be used to impersonate another player or to bypass a ban
    • Staff impersonation is strictly prohibited and will generally result in a lengthy ban
  4. Advertising - Advertising is generally forbidden and will generally result in a ban

    • Posting another server’s IP address with the active knowledge and/or intention of advertising it will result in a permanent ban of all PCB services. You can still talk about other servers, but don't lure players away from our server.
    • Advertising of other products or services is also prohibited, and will result in a ban from all PCB services
  5. Profiteering - You may not, under any circumstances, profit off of our services provided

    • Donations will only ever be asked for on Any other website that claims to accept donations on behalf of PCB is a scam and should be reported to PCB immediately.
    • Individuals caught profiting or attempting to profit via use of, or claiming to be a representative of PCB, will be permanently suspended from all PCB services
    • Youtube videos, livestreams, or other monetised social media content on the server is allowed, as long as our server name and IP are clearly displayed.
  6. Kicks - Kicks should be considered a formal warning, and continuing the actions that resulted in the kick will likely cause you to be banned
  7. Bans - If you are banned, you may appeal the ban at
    • You may not use any PCB services whilst banned other than the ban appeal system
    • Do not attempt to bypass your ban, including through the use of other Minecraft accounts. You will likely be given a harsher punishment.
  8. Streaming, Recording and other Social Media content
    • You may stream, record or create social media content whilst on the server, which can be monetised
    • Please clearly display the server name and IP
    • As a courtesy, let other players on the server know you are streaming or recording
  9. Language Notice
    🇫🇷 Français Project City Build est principalement une communauté anglophone. Nous accueillons les joueurs de tous les horizons linguistiques, cependant, nous exigeons que tous les joueurs soient capables de comprendre les instructions de base données par le personnel du PCB en anglais. Les joueurs sont invités à communiquer entre eux dans d’autres langues dans le chat public s’il y a plusieurs autres joueurs en ligne qui sont plus à l’aise de parler dans cette langue. Cependant, s’il n’y a que 2 joueurs qui parlent une langue autre que l’anglais en ligne, ces joueurs devraient plutôt utiliser /msg.

    🇪🇸 Español Project City Build es ante todo una comunidad de habla inglesa. Damos la bienvenida a jugadores de todos idiomas, sin embargo requerimos que todos los jugadores puedan comprender instrucciones básicas dadas en inglés por el staff. Jugadores pueden hablar otros idiomas en el chat general si hay varios otros jugadores en línea que son más comodos usando ese idioma. Sin embargo, si hay solo 2 jugadores que hablen otro idioma otro que inglés en línea, esos jugadores deberian usar /msg.

    🇪🇸 Nederlands Project City Build is voornamelijk een engels sprekende gemeenschap. Wij heten spelers van alle taalachtergronden welkom, echter we vereisen wel dat alle spelers simpele instructies in het Engels van de staf kunnen begrijpen. Spelers zijn welkom om in de openbare chat een andere taal te spreken als er meerdere andere spelers online zijn die liever die taal spreken. Echter, als er maar twee spelers online zijn die een andere taal dan Engels willen spreken, kunnen ze het beste /msg gebruiken.

Minecraft Server

General Rules

Rules in this section are specific to the Minecraft server.

  1. Griefing - PCB has a strict zero tolerance policy towards any form of griefing. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Editing any work which is not your own without prior consent
    • Creating imagery which is likely to offend others (e.g. a swastika)
    • Spamming entities with malicious intent
  2. Build out of sight from spawn.
    • Any area outside of server or world specific spawns are available to be built on, unless outlined in the ‘Building Guidelines’ section below.
  3. Mods - Do not use any malicious mods. This includes (but may not be limited to):
    • Client-side mods or hacks which give you an unfair advantage
    • X-ray, schematica (auto build), creative block nuker, torch nuker, aimbots, any and all pre-made hacked clients (such as Nodus or Wurst)
    • Before using a mod, check that it’s been approved by staff. If it has not, ask a senior staff member for approval.
  4. Unfair advantage - Do not use anything that give you an unfair advantage. This includes (but may not be limited to):
    • Inventory exploits
    • Creating or obtaining anything in single player or another server that you cannot create/obtain on Project City Build and bringing it to this server.
  5. Nicknames - nicknames must be similar to your in-game name (IGN)
    • Nicknames must be a reasonable length, and not use staff colours, bold, italics, or underlining.
    • Exceptions may be made if a player is more commonly known by another name.
  6. WorldEdit - Rules regarding World Edit privileges
    • Builder+ ranks have access to varying degrees of W/E. Abuse of this priviledge may result in revocation.
    • Staff are not required to perform WorldEdit tasks at your request and can refuse at any time.
    • Be courteous and respectful when requesting W/E. Annoying and persistently asking staff to perform WorldEdit on your behalf will result in disciplinary action such as a temp-ban or being banned from receiving W/E help from staff.
    • Be clear and concise, if you can fit your full request in your first message, you should.
    • World Edit will not be used for flattening terrain; however, exemptions apply at staff discretion.
    • Using W/E to create floating terrain is also considered flattening.
      • Exemptions to this rule may apply to exceptionally large or complex projects - e.g. Hogwarts recreation, airport tarmac, oversized buildings.
      • Approved flattened land MUST be terraformed and blended with the surrounding land within a reasonable amount of time.
      • These projects SHOULD be built over/cut through relatively flat land where reasonable, to preserve the landscape.
    • WorldEdit tasks that change or move many blocks (generally anything over 250,000 blocks incl. air) should be performed in broken up stages.
      • Always consider the lag that a large W/E process can create in the server, particularly at busy times with many players online.
      • If you believe a process you’re making will cause a lag spike, inform players online to avoid lag-related issues in survival and creative.
  7. Using /tp and /tppos (and /tpo if not for staff matters) to teleport to a player without their permission is prohibited.
    • If you aren’t sure whether the player wants to be teleported to, always ask, to avoid problems.
    • Abuse of this rule can result in restricted access to teleporting commands.
  8. Copying builds on the PCB server for use in a 3rd party project is prohibited, as is copying builds from 3rd party projects on to the PCB server.

Survival World

Rules in this section are specific to the Minecraft Survival World.

  1. Flying - Flying is not permitted for anyone, except staff when completing their duties (e.g. examining grief).
    • Anyone caught flying in the Survival world will face a minimum 2 week temp-ban
  2. Secure your items - Only locked items are insured (chests, dispeners, etc.)

    • Use the LWC plugin to protect your chests. Staff will not reimburse the contents of unprotected chests which are looted
    • Items will only be reimbursed in the rare event of a server-side glitch
    • Please note that looting from chests etc. is not permitted - this falls under griefing
    • Entities are not insured, as they are not traceable, so keep entities secure
  3. XP farms - Generally allowed, however, this rule is subject to change if required.

  4. WorldEdit - Not allowed in survival

    • WorldEdit will not be used in Survival under any circumstances
  5. Warps - Warps may be given to large, active projects. Please refer to the Survival Warp Rules for full details.

  6. Leaving a town - In the event that a resident or residents leave a town, their buildings remain the property of the town owner. However, the contents of the house (e.g. items, chests etc) remain the property of the resident. Valuables created or mined by a resident, such as beacons, also remain the property of the resident even if placed in a communal area of the town.

Creative World

Rules in this section are specific to the Minecraft Creative world.

  1. Entities - Do not spam (or place excessive amounts of) entities

    • Entities include (but may not be limited to): mobs, minecarts (all varieties), item frames, armour stands, player heads and banners
    • Mobs will not be spawned into creative
    • Any mobs that naturally spawned can be taken for use in builds
      • Killing such a mob is griefing
      • If such a mob has been killed, it may be respawned providing the player made an effort to protect it, such as enclosing it, and there’s evidence this protection was griefed.
  2. Warps - To get a warp, see the #warp-apps channel on Discord

Monarch World

Rules in this section are specific to the Minecraft Monarch world.

  1. Seek permission from the Monarch Build Team before building in Monarch

    • The Monarch Build Team is currently _andy, Mannriah, Ouhai_Ruby, and Wairoa.
    • All ranks from Member and upwards are allowed to build in Monarch provided they can demonstrate building skills fit for the project
    • Players may use /warp testcity if they need a space to demonstrate their building skill
  2. Please refer to the Monarch Design Manual when planning and executing your builds.
    • If your builds do not follow the guidelines in the Manual, they will be removed.
    • Your builds my be removed/moved around the city at the Monarch Build Team's discresion.
  3. City limits - No building outside the city limits without explicit permission from the Monarch Build Team.

  4. Copying builds - Staff reserve the right to copy any builds from any world into Monarch for use in the world (credit will be given where applicable).

    • Note, under no circumstances will anything made in Monarch be moved to any other world, without the explicit permission of the Monarch Build Team.

Maps World

Rules in this section are specific to the Minecraft Maps world.

  1. Map Signs - The maps world is to be used exclusively for making map signs for use on PCB.
    • Any use of the Maps world, including the creation of maps at the map bank must be approved by a staff member.

Staff (Development/Dev) World

Rules in this section are specific to the Minecraft Staff world.

  1. Staff world (Dev) - The Staff world is not a public world. Use of the Staff world is restricted to staff of PCB who are carrying out official community work such as projects or plugin testing.

Building Guidelines

The following are rules to be followed when building.

  1. Permission to build - Do not build in towns without permission.

    • This rule still stands if the owner of the town has been banned or is inactive - Please speak to a staff member if you would like to take over management of the town of a banned or inactive player
  2. Don’t build too close - Build towns a reasonable distance from each other.

    • A ‘reasonable distance’ is generally out of sight from each other at a 16 chunk render distance - Around 200 blocks
    • Exceptions may be made where 2 towns have started this distance apart and grown towards each other.
    • Staff reserve the right to intervene and decide on a border where 2 town owners cannot agree on a border
  3. Exercise common sense

    • This means, for example, don’t build your survival base next to another player’s base without first asking
  4. Wars, disputes and land claiming

    • If you believe your land is being used unfairly, speak to a member of staff.
    • Land cannot be claimed ahead of time, only by using it for a project. Small builds (such as flags) solely for the purpose of claiming land do not count.
    • Intentionally provoking other players by claiming land near to theirs (especially if done through military builds) can be considered harassment.
  5. Projects/builds must be considered abandoned before they can be claimed by another party.

    • A project can be considered abandoned if: the owner has been continuously inactive for atleast 3 months, the owner has been banned from PCB for at least 3 months.
    • The player who gets control of an abandoned project is usually who asks, however in the event of disputes, staff intervention will decide who gets the land/project and why.

Feed The Beast (FTB) Rules

Rules in this section are specific to the Feed the Beast (FTB) server.

  1. Stealing - Do not steal/borrow anything without permission

    • This includes taking ‘just a bit’ of stone from someone’s 8.2million stockpile
  2. Do not plant Sacred Rubber Tree Saplings

    • If you do this, you will not only be banned from FTB, but the main server too
  3. Blacklisted Items - Do not use any blacklisted items

    • Sacred Rubber Tree Sapling
    • Currently no more in this pack. Watch this space as more may be added in the future.
  4. Taint Biomes - Try to avoid living near Taint biomes

    • In case you didn’t know, Taint spreads and will take over the world if you let it.
  5. Bugs

    • Do not abuse any bugs.
    • Please report any bugs/issues to either Crass or Fatso.
  6. Claiming Chunks

    • Do not claim an excessive number of chunks.
    • Do not claim chunks near someone else’s area without permission.
    • Do not claim chunks that another player is obviously using.
    • Generated structures can look like player builds. Be sure it is naturally generated and not lived in before claiming any structure.

Staff Rules

Rules in this section are specific to staff members.

  1. Discretion - Staff should use their power of discretion appropriately when moderating community services

  2. Kicking & banning - Staff are to provide reasons for any kick or ban

    • Bans should contain a specific enough reason that they can be appropriately judged if the player appeals in the future


PCB reserves the right to ban or kick a player from any or all services, mute a player, or punish a player on our services in any other way seen fit by staff regardless of whether any of the above rules have been broken, although staff will do their utmost to explain our reasoning for any punishments given.

By signing up to and using PCB services, you confirm that you are aged 18 or over, or are under the age of 18 and using our services with the consent of a parent or other legal guardian.

PCB reserve to right to use any and all imagery created on the server for whatever purpose we desire, including but not limited to, advertising, social media posts, website posts, etc.


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Approved Client Mods

Mods that provide unfair advantages are banned.

The PCB Staff team have evaluated the following mods and found them to be acceptable. If you would like a mod to be reviewed, please ask staff in Discord.

Some of the mods on this list require additional library mods to work. These are also allowed.