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Plantation Cristina

Plantation Cristina was a sugar plantation in Ajudige at the river with the most plantations, Río del Alma or in Ajudigian Ajuei del'Almai. The plantation was also bordering in the north the city Coso and the plantation belonged to Coso. The plantation was established by the Malagan Antonio Paramilla-Aguillare in 1623. It was named after his wife, Cristina Isabel Fransisca Maria Santos. The plantation had about 210 Ajudigioux slaves. Plantation Cristina bordered Plantation Esperanza and Plantation Livorno. The director of the plantation was Portuguese Pedro Guerreiro. Plantation Cristina was the biggest sugar plantation and one of the biggest in Ajudige. Antonio Paramilla-Aguillare was the father of mathematician and botanist Qjarax del'Coso. The plantation was fully destroyed in 1642 in the Ajudigian Revolution and all the slaves were freed. The plantation was almost fully destroyed but the graveyard with 15 people is still standing and a small barn is still standing.