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Mihalo Olehčuk

Mihalo Stanyslavovich Olehčuk (August 21 1971) is an El'novkian politician and the current prime minister of the The Third Republic of Ellester. Mihalo is a member of the Party of the Republic (PR). He knows both dialects of Russian, Ukrainian, and English fluently. 

He first worked as a judge for a court in Ežnovka. After that he quit court and he was the mayor of Žukovgorod and later he was in the Ellester Representatives and he was 6th on the party list.

Early Career (1994-2005)

Olehčuk, around the age of 23, started off his political career as a judge for a court in Ežnovka (then Yezhnovka) sometime in the 1990s. Early in his career, his court was the only court that ruled the new (then Cascadian Highway 15) motorway west of Ellester illegal, which, due to lack of opposition from the rest of the courts and despite the protest of the population, resulted in the razing of a small roundabout west of the city hall and (then former) parliament building and the lack of bi-lingual signage. Outraged by this lack of judicial opposition, Olehčuk quit court and became a representative in the municipal ’parliament’.

Pre-Independence (2006-2023)

Olehčuk was the most pro-independence member of the municipal parliament. Despite putting his input in ideas when deciding with the legislature over what to do with the Ellester Municipality (a region within Lennox Province that entirely comprised anything within the former borders of the pre-1949 republic and the 1949-1981 era communist state). For his entire role, he watched as the council voted over mostly unorthodox proposals for Ellester that entirely weasled out of Montmorency’s radar, making the city at one point the least free city in Cascadia.

Second/Third Republic, Lieutenant Minister (2023-)