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United Republic


The United Republic (U.R.) is a country located within the Creative 1.15 Map.

The United Republic is a semi-Presidential Federal Republic, with the President as its head of State, and the Prime Minister as its head of Government. Within the United Republic are semi-autonomous states lead by a governor. The federal government has limited powers, and is generally limited to managing interstate planning, foreign affairs matters, and issues of national significance.

The United Republic

Flag of the United Republic
Motto: "Arte et Labore" (Latin)
"Through Skill and Hard Work"
Anthem: "Eve of the war"
Capital: Ellington (Executive)

Anaheim (Legislative, Judicial)

Official Language: English
Denonym: United Republicker

Government: Federal semi-presidential republic

  • President: Office Vacant
  • Prime Minister: Nathaniel P. Matthews (MattDB)

Legislature: Congress

  • Upper House: Chamber of the States
  • Lower House: Chamber of the People

Currency: United Republic Dollar ($) (URD)

Time Zone: UTC-9 (SLST)

Website: Government

Structure and Organization

The United Republic is a semi-presidential federal republic. The President acts as the head of state, who wields most executive powers, is responsible for diplomacy, and is the commander-in-chief of the United Republic military. The Prime Minister, appointed by the legislature, acts as the head of government, wielding some executive power, and is responsible for chairing and appointing the cabinet and the day-to-day running of the Federal Government.

As a federal republic, the United Republic is made up of constituent states and federal territories. The three states of the United Republic are Ellington and Usonia both located on the mainland, and Corallium which contains the external territories of the United Republic around the Corallium region.

The United Republic is also guided by a Federal Legislature, and a Federal Court System. The Legislature writes official law, and the Courts oversee their constitutional application (are given the power of judicial review).

The day-to-day affairs of the United Republic (in practical terms, separate from fictional structure) are governed by the Republic Council of Ministers, which is comprised of governors and other senior officials of the nation. The President is considered the chairperson of the Council of Ministers.

PCB Nation History

The nation of the United Republic was founded by _Travis, and Nathaniel Pascual Matthews (MattDB), the then President of Corallium on the 22nd of June, 2023. Corallium and the cities governed by _Travis merged to form the third United Republic. 

The First Republic (2018-2020)

The First United Republic was founded by _Travis on November 11, 2018 on the Creative 1.12 map. By 2019, the United Republic was one of the largest and most active nations on Project City Build. The capital was located first in Norwood (Norwood), then in Newport (Sealand). The First Republic became defunct with the discontinuation of the 1.12 creative map in early 2020. 

The United Republic of Corallium (2020-2023)

The Corallish Republic (Republica Corallium) was founded on April 10, 2020 by MattDB and jmvanna on the creative 1.15 map. The nation was centred around the island of Prima in the Great Coral Ocean. The Corallish Republic subsequently became the Kingdom of Corallium. Following the Petition for Democracy initiated by the Governor of Prima, the Kingdom of Corallium became the Government of Corallium. Following the admission of the territories of _Travis and the second Presidential election, which saw Matthew Corallis (MattDB) elected as President, the Government of Corallium finally became the United Republic of Corallium.

The Second Republic (2023-)

The third United Republic was founded on June 22, 2023 which saw the city of Ellington (_Travis) and the various territories of the United Republic of Corallium (MattDB) merged to form the United Republic. The third republic notably adopted the same flag as the first United Republic, with minor colour corrections. _Travis was instated President and MattDB Prime Minister. 


The United Republic was founded in 1804 as the merger of the Republic of Usonia and the Free Republic of Ellington.


The Kingdom of Ellington was formed in 1653 as a series of settlements along the Ellington River and within the Ellington River basin. From 1653 to 1801 it was ruled by a series of Kings. In 1801, the May Revolution saw the toppling of the Ellington Monarchy by republican forces. In 1801, the Free Republic of Ellington was formed. However, instability racked the nation, and in 1804 by popular opinion the Free Republic united with the Republic of Usonia and the United Republic of today was formed.

Kingdom of Ellington

The Kingdom of Ellington was a parliamentary monarchy. It consisted of the monarch, the Prime Minister and the Estates-General (the legislature). The capital was Ellington City, and the Estates-General was located in the Legislative Palace, now the Executive Building.

The Kings of Ellington were

  1. William I - 1653-1680
  2. John - 1680-1685
  3. William II - 1685-1705
  4. Albert I - 1705-1719
  5. Albert II - 1719-1723
  6. Charles - 1723-1760
  7. William III - 1760-1769
  8. William IV - 1769-1799
  9. William V - 1799-1801


The United Republic is comprised of three states:

Name Flag Governor Capital (Largest) City Date of Admission Abbreviation


Flag.png MattDB (Acting) Antilles August 11, 2023 CO


EllingtonFlag.png _Travis Ellington June 22, 2023 EL
Usonia Usonia Flag.png MattDB Anaheim June 22, 2023 US