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Third Republic of Ellester


Third Republic of Ellester

Третья Республика Элестер

Screenshot 2023-10-03 183241.png

Flag and Coat of Arms of the Republic of Ellester


Capital and largest city: 

Ellester / Эллестер

Official languages:

El'novkian Russian


Co-official language/lingua franca:


Recognized minor languages:





"Freedom and Security Forever"

Human Development Index:

0.805 (nation as a whole)

0.920 (Capital Region)


Parliamentary federal republic

Parliament of the Republic of Ellester

(currently unilateral)

Current Prime Minister and ruling party:

Mihalo Olehchuk (Михайло Олегчук)

Party of the Republic


First Republic: 1820s-1830s

Second Republic: 16 April, 2023

Third Republic: November, 2023

Internet TLD:

(ex. novayarespublika.els)


Elnovkian roubles (₽)

the Third Republic of Ellester is the third national entity of the Republic of Ellester, with the first lasting from the 1830s to 1948, and its second entity lasting from 16 April, 2023 to October 2023. The Republic follows a parliamentary federal republic, with votes going untampered with to avoid extra votes via. corruption.
It is notorious for political uprisings every election and is infamous for protests. Despite this, Ellester is seen to be a quite uneventful city outside of political actions. The Second Republic of Ellester consists of the reintegrated territories from the preceding First Republic, the Cascadian municipality of Ellester (the national government downgraded to a municipality from 1981-April 2023).

The nation's official languages are, Russian (El'novkian dialect), Ukrainian, English (inter-ethnic lingua franca), and Russian (Standard) for government communications.


The government of Ellester consists of a parliamentary federal republic, one where the Prime Minister, while taking a leading role, is very reliant on parliament and the Court of the Republic.

The government runs with legislature and the Prime Minister sharing powers, essentially dividing executive and legislative power between 122 members.

The minimum voting age is 13-years old, with the age limit applying to the formation of political parties. The government's system helps Ellester consistently rank the highest spots in terms of political and personal freedom