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The United Republic of Corallium (URC), more commonly known as Corallium, was a country located within the Creative 1.15 map.


Great Seal Adopted December 19, 2020.

Flag Adopted December 19, 2020.
Motto: Mare nobis vitam tribut (Latin)

"The Sea Gives Us Life"


Mons Coralli, Antilles

X: -6549, Y: 71, Z: -11127

Official Languages English • Latin (Documentation Purposes Only)
Denonym(s) Corallish
Government Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, Representative Democracy
  • President Matthew Juniper
  • Vice President Andrew Ryams
  • Speaker of the Delegates Nathaniel Starling
Legislature Congress of the Mons Coralli
  • Upper House Senate of Corallium
  • Lower House Chamber of Delegates
Transformation into the Republic
  • Corallium Established 10 April 2020
  • Monarchy Proclaimed 13 May 2020
  • Petition for Democracy 3 June 2020
  • First Inauguration 19 December 2020
  • Constitution Formally Adopted 29 December 2020

Named after the Great Coral Sea, the first major coral sea-region before map expansion, and that most of the nation's claims laid on, Corallium was meant to establish a maritime state, in which a capital would be based on the Island of Prima. Following the belief by its earliest founders that Prima could not sustain a major city, a new location on the mouth of the Abbaccus River was chosen, and the city would become known as Albadia. This policy would later be reversed upon the transition from Provisional Council to United Republic and the subsequent inauguration of its first President on December 19, 2020. The Great Coral Sea was placed under a protective program under a joint-agreement between other nations, institutions, and Corallium. Known as the Great Coral Sea Conservation Organization, (GCSCO), battleships, trade-ships, and other large vessels or manmade island are restricted, as to both recognize the importance of the sea to most cities along its coasts, and to protect any corals from being destroyed.

The nation was founded in its earliest iteration on April 10, 2020 as the Republica Corallium, later becoming the Kingdom of Corallium. Following the Governor of Prima's Petition for Democracy, the first national vote was held and the monarch, with the promise of a provisional government abdicated. Following months of reform, the Kingdom transformed into its current form of government upon the election of the nation's first President. According to the official records of Corallium, held in the National Archives of the Mons Coralli, the seat of Government, the general governance information and time of each different system is as follows:
Administrations of Corallium
Type of Government NAME OF STATE HEAD OF STATE HEAD OF GOVERNMENT Meeting Location Created Ended Founding (or Important) Document(s)
Republic* Republica Corallium Consul Consul Senate Chambers, Albadia April 10, 2020 May 13, 2020 Corallium Accord

Concordia Corallium

Constitutional Monarchy Kingdom of Corallium Monarch Prime Minister Senate Chambers, Albadia May 13, 2020 June 3, 2020 Proclamation of the Crown of Gilded Coral

Edictum Coronae Coral Auratae

Provisional Government; Parliamentary Republic Government of Corallium Chancellor of the Senate Prime Minister Senate Chambers, Albadia; Mons Coralli, Prima June 3, 2020 December 19, 2020 Petition for Democracy

Petitio Democratiae

Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic, Representative Democracy United Republic of Corallium President President Mons Coralli, Prima December 19, 2020 Current Petition for Democracy; Constitution of the Corallish People

Constitutio Populi Coralli

*Had democratic features but was a fundamentally undemocratic society dominated by a select caste of wealthy aristocrats.


The modern state of Corallium, The United Republic of Corallium, is a Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic and a Representative Democracy. By definition, the President is both the Head of State and Government, while his Vice President, as outlined by the Presidential Line of Succession Act of the First Mons Coralli Congress, is the President of the Senate. Should the President resign or be incapacitated, the Vice President would be sworn in as their successor. Though, the Vice President may hold temporary presidential powers should the President endow them with it. The United Republic consists of several states, each headed by a Governor, all who act autonomously with their states in agreement with the Constitution and are represented in Congress in the Mons Coralli on the Island of Prima. The President has the ability to appoint a cabinet to manage the affairs of the various government departments—specializing in aspects that would make projects and the government unified and concise.